Deep Weeds

Hubby loves da fishin’.  I just might just give it a try, since square dancing didn’t pan out, hehe.

There’s only one thing keeping me off the pond.  Well, two. One: the conspicuous absence of indoor plumbing; and Two: FEAR – Fear of blistering heat, slimy creatures, and agonizing ridicule.

But I do have advantages. Married to a fisherman all these years, I’ve learned some things by osmosis—and employed it in the Christian walk.

For starters, it pays to troll patiently.  Drifting’s okay, but it’s easy to lose sight of the catch.

The terrain of my life is sprinkled with Deep Weeds: trouble and confusion.  But if I wait for a pristine landscape to cast the Word, I could be trolling a really long time.  So I look for a break among the grasses, peek beneath the lily pad, and cast.

If they take the bait, my strike indicator starts to bob.  It’s at that point I often get too keyed up and start improvising—forgetting the God who made the fish. Epic Fail.

But I have caught a few.  Most of what I’ve reeled in have been small ones.  But I never throw them back.  Sadly, some have a shallow bite and wiggle away.  As a veteran angler now though, I’m now learning how to use deep-running bait.

I’ve also sometimes forgotten – that single wiggly fish was part of a school.  There’s no rule against using more than one rod at a time.  God directed me to a bounty of bass, and I settled for a single crappie.

Sometimes you need a slower presentation to catch more fish.  Occasionally I’ll switch to a Pauline epistle (a large sinker with a guard attached).

I have a lousy depth finder, so have to rely on my sense of feel.  But fish avoid the light and hide in deeper water.  And they gather among the Deep Weeds.  And they’re more active at night.  Unpleasant as it may seem, fishing sometimes just requires an ambush.

And one more tidbit for your hook:  when tracking through deep weeds, you might get snagged.  Retrieve slowly.  Let the Wind push it along.

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2 Responses to Deep Weeds

  1. Troll? What does that mean? It’s a negative connotation to me.

    • elsiephoebe says:

      to sing in a rolling voice or in a round.
      to fish for or in with a moving line, or trailing the line behind a slow-moving boat.
      to cause to turn round and round; roll.
      a song sung in succession; a round.
      a lure or line used in trolling for fish.
      (in Scandinavian folklore)supernatural beings inhabiting caves or water
      a homeless person such as a bag lady or derelict.
      an ugly person; a grouchy person.
      an internet user who sends inflammatory or provocative messages designed to elicit negative responses or start a flame-war.

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