Hi.  Whatcha been doin?

Would God do that?

Would He?

Let’s look at what He did do:

He left a kingdom to come help us pathetic ones.

He never skipped any of His Father’s orders.

He went to church.—a lot.

He got baptized.

He faced great temptations, but didn’t cave.

He invested His time in a few good men.

He was an amazing wedding Guest.

He dealt with unholy stuff happening in church.

He was willing to give private counseling.

He didn’t ignore people with sin issues.

He was willing to field questions.

He welcomed people that others wouldn’t.

He was shot down by his friends but moved on.

He helped people even with imperfect motives.

He made friends with fishermen.

He faced demons head-on.

He helped out his friend’s peeps.

He did a lot of healing.

He preached everywhere.

He controlled fish.

He made friends with a tax collector.

He was harassed by religious people.

He was an amazing Teacher.

He prayed.

He preached to droves.

He brought dead people to life.

He rebuked entire cities.

He ate with hypocrites.

He gave what-for to lying religious leaders.

He shared deep truths with a select few.

He calmed the sea.

He sent out his protégés to carry on.

He fed thousands with almost nothing.

He chided manmade traditions.

He scolded His own people.

He shined gloriously.

He paid taxes.

He laid out warnings.

He taught discipline.

He taught forgiveness.

He endured conspiracy against Him.

He did many miracles.

He rejoiced.

He pronounced woes.

He hung out with sinners.

He blessed kids.

He wept.

He enjoyed fellowship.

He washed feet.

He predicted our unfaithfulness.

He answered his accusers.

He died for our sins.

He rose from the dead.

He went to heaven.

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2 Responses to WWJD

  1. Scott Sholar says:

    Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.

  2. elsiephoebe says:

    Thanks. May God bless you also! Now let’s meditate on what He is doing today. Amen.

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