‘Happy to report, my average loss (so far) is half-pound a day.   It pays to (as I said on Facebook) “quit acting like Pumba, and more like Timon.”

‘Truth be known, I am being methodical about this.  Today I want to talk about… Fiber!  Okay, before you tune me out, hear me out!

Sometimes I slap myself upside the head and remember:  Roughage has two parts: soluble and insoluble.  Everything we take in (oral, visual, and auditory) is the same way:  at risk of offense, let’s just say it: some of what we hear ferments and turns to gas!  [tee hee]  Other things we see, hear, or touch absorb into us, mixing with the water of the Word.  And life runs more smoothly.  [Okay.  If I let this digestion allegory “run its course,” I’ll be using words like colon, amorphous, and bile.  (Or worse!)   It isn’t “worth beans”—so I’ll give it a formal “exit.”]

Garbage in, garbage out.  Modern lingo for “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

But we can extrapolate a few principles:

1)-  To assimilate the garbage we’re bombarded with, we must absorb it along with generous quantities of Water (of the Word).

2)-  We must take in a certain amount of mass in order to feel satiated.  Choosing the right things to take in will yield much healthier well-being.

3)-  To minimize fluctuations in our various levels, we do well to let outside stimuli digest slowly, delaying the absorption of toxins.

4)-  Being heart healthy requires being focused on something we tend to forget too easily; our LDL (Lord’s Daily Love).

5)-  Regulating our intake of sickeningly-sweet stuff is a pro active way to prevent becoming drug dependent.

6)-  One more bit of “food for thought:”  On average, North Americans consume less than 50% of recommended fiber.  Maybe that’s why people are so cranky…

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One Response to Roughage.

  1. Tamz says:

    I thought this quote from GraceGems fit today’s blog quite well:

    “One truth, brought home to the soul by the Holy Spirit, and digested by meditation–does us more good than volumes which just pass through the mind!”

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