Who’s Steering the Ship?!!

It took a hundred years, but they’ve learned that the maritime vessel Titanic may have sunk due to the helmsman turning right instead of left. Isn’t that an eerie thought? That a single blunder may have led to 1,500 deaths?  (‘Especially eerie since we’re planning a cruise.)

One minor slip-up, and you’re on the wrong trajectory.  I heard an explanation of how Biblical doctrine can be deeply corrupted.  Slight skews start like a bit of snow on a mountain peak: as it melts down both sides, the watershed eventually divides its contents by hundreds of miles.

Oh, how far we often get off the mark before we recognize—Oops! wrong helmsman!  Who’s steering this ship, anyway?!!  Aaaahhh!

I got word the other day of a friend who seems to have made a wrong turn.  But he’s determined to continue in the wrong direction!  His family is pleading with him; his friends are reasoning with him; we’re all praying he’ll realize he’s the wrong guy to be steering this ship.  He needs to surrender the helm to God, and follow God’s Nautical Charts.  Rough swells are rising as he listens to the false sea god that told him a Cadet can operate the rudder.  I fear that his starboard bow is headed for an iceberg.

Romans 8:5  For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.

At least he’d do well to heed the Officer on the bridge into safe navigation; or step back for the “watchstander,” standing at-the-ready to relieve the helmsman.

That’s the Christian life, folks.  Sometimes we steer off course.  One sleepless night and a contrite morning prayer can correct the problem, but often we’re like my young buddy—rearing up against every rope, buoy, or flare attempting to direct us back to an even keel.

‘Heading in the wrong direction?


Crank that wheel around.

Engage engine.

Steady as she goes.

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