It Is What It Is

“It is what it is.”  Have you heard this one?  At first it seems pithy.  But then you consider the source: Nope.  Not pithy.  Just a 3rd-grade vocabulary.

It’s been described as “seeming to state the obvious, but actually implying helplessness.” Okie dokie.  But when Yours Truly has used it, occasionally there’s an unspoken twist of the knife. Translated: “Just Deal.”

For instance: we’re siding one side of the house.  Yeah, you read it right: siding one side.  Ah, the beauty of blogging: I just put it on the screen.  It is what it is.  Sure, I have the power to change the status quo, but all you’ve got is a “like” button and comment bar. It is what it is.

My mom is planning a garage sale sometime this summer.  She started setting it up last week.  This afternoon we’re tearing it down to remove a boat from the backyard.  We promised to return it to like condition (about as well as the State does after a project involving eminent domain).  So Mom:  It is what it is.

But there’s something inherently wrong with such jargon.  It assumes that inspection of the physical realm means that all the facts are in.  But—in the immortal words of Peggy Lee—“Is that all there is, my friend?”

I could cite any number of scenarios where we’ve discovered things are not always what they seem.  (It ISN’T what it is?)  We think we’ve exhausted all our options, so we FIDO (Forget It and Drive On).  Down the road, however, the sovereign God inserts, modifies, or deletes hither and yon.  Suddenly, after all, it wasn’t what it was.  (I’ll elect to bypass the “What Will Be, Will Be” tangent.)

All things considered, we must eventually make decisions.  But let’s remember a few things:

1)- Nobody is a know-it-all (contrary to what they think). PRAY.

2)- It’s almost always wise to ask lots of questions. PRAY.

3)- Seek the counsel of many. PRAY.

4)- Consider all the options. PRAY.

5)- Sleep on it (with one eye open). PRAY.

6)- Audit and adjust accordingly. PRAY.

7)- Repeat.


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