In Light of God’s Mercy…

Today’s reminders are from Romans 12.  It’s not a list of Do’s and Don’ts to get right with God; it’s fruit that grows from a heart that God has already made right.


Because God showed you mercy,

Because God made it so you’re right with Him,

Because the Spirit enables you,

Because of the truths God has given,

Because the Church is all one,

Because it’s the fulfillment of God’s Laws,

Because time is short (the Lord is coming back),

Because bearing fruit for Him is better than laziness,

Because God Sent His Son to die for your sins,

Because that proves God loves you,


Get busy for the Lord! (It’s the least you can do.)

Don’t be like the world.

Let God (through the Scriptures) change you.

Learn what pleases God (it’s always good).

Let Him keep doing this year after year.

Don’t think too highly of yourself.

Think reasonably and soundly.

Different people have different abilities; use yours.

Be loving.

Be real.  (No half-truths, no hypocrites.)

Despise evil activity.

Stick closely to good things.

Love Christians like brothers and sisters.

Downplay your personal preferences.

Be diligent.

Serve the Lord.

Rejoice in the cross:  IT IS FINISHED.

When things get rough, hang in there.

Be a person of prayer.

Give to those who have needs.

Serve people at your house.

Love even those who harass you.

Never chew somebody out.

When people are celebrating, join in.

When someone’s sad, cry too.

Be like-minded with godly Christians.

Don’t be a snob; keep company with poor people.

Don’t think of yourself as wiser than others.

If someone does you wrong, don’t repeat that.

Let the world see you being good.

Be at peace with anybody who will let you.

Never take out revenge.

If your enemy suffers, help him.

Don’t let sin take over; master it.

Obey the police and government.

Love one another.

Don’t let your freedoms hurt somebody else.

Don’t disdain anybody Christ died for.

Don’t shrink back into the darkness; walk in the light.

Don’t ignore what the Bible is telling you.

Be genuine, discerning, caring, and empathetic.

Be like Jesus.

Honor God as God.

Give thanks.

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