The Devil’s Playground

= – =

I woke up, for some reason, early today;

But the devil told me, “Don’t bother to pray:

This is just another version of yesterday;

Everything always turns out just the same way.”

= – =

The coffee was ready (although I was not),

And before I knew it, I’d downed half the pot—

While checking my Facebook, email, and text,

And then sat like a zombie: “What to do next?”

= – =

I guess I’ll do dishes, swab decks, and wash,

And then check the fridge for something to nosh.

There are weeds that need pulling, and beds to be made,

Bathrooms to clean, and bills to be paid.

= – =

But then I remembered the way I’d started out:

Operating in the flesh, and enjoying it, no doubt.

I hadn’t asked for guidance, or read from God’s Warning;

The coffee and computer sucked up my morning.

= – =

Seeing my status was nearly solid grouch,

I poured my last cup, and sat down on the couch.

I opened God’s book—today was Romans 16.

I couldn’t have planned better the words that I’d seen:

= – =

Keep your eye on dissenters—hinderers of the faith;

Turn away from them, Christian, their danger is great.

They’re serving themselves; they really don’t love;

With smooth and fancy talk about things they’re proud of.

= – =

I cross-referenced and found, “Reject a factious man:

He’s perverted, sinning, and self-condemned.”

I realized the danger that my Bible had extolled:

The enemy is smooth, argumentative, and cold.

= – =

They’re like animals that talk, and their speeches can sway,

And drive a wedge between believers; ‘best stay away.

Bathe your mind with Scripture; obey the Holy Spirit:

When haters try to influence, don’t even go near it.

= – =

Christians listen to them, and truth they are expecting;

It’s easy to deceive hearts of the unsuspecting:

They tell you you’re special, the church God designed;

But by their fruit, it seems God’s Word is just maligned.

= – =

Another thing I learned from Romans this week,

Is of the stronger brother, and the one who’s weak.

One says, “That’s forbidden” the other says, “Let’s play.”

Life isn’t always black and white; sometimes there is gray.

= – =

Let’s walk in love, if we differ on non-essentials;

Not disdain those for whom Christ died, nor be preferential.

Such divisions are dangerous; it’s relentless, foolish pride.

The devil loves this playground; he’ll start it: “Food fight!”

= – =

I found myself naked and ignorant; I wasn’t very nice.

Now I see the importance of starting the day with Christ.

I’ll pray in the Spirit daily, basking in the Holy Writ,

So doubtful disputations don’t cause an unholy split.

= – =

I’ve heard points and counterpoints of every sort and kind.

The Word says let everyone be persuaded in his own mind.

Christianity isn’t a tennis match, deciding what’s not fair:

One saying, “Inappropriate!” The other saying, “I don’t care!”

= – =

Accept the weaker brother; Jesus died for him.

If you disdain or scoff, your eternity’s looking dim.

When the Scripture’s silent, and your friend feels liberty,

Dare you try to judge him, Hypocritical Pharisee?

= – =

And for all you referees—the the ones who pick who wins:

Do you think you’re the Spirit of God and know the heart that sins?

Your little list of rights and wrongs is paramount to you—

Have you considered that others might have a list, too?

= – =

Christianity isn’t keeping the law, doing things for show,

Distorting the Gospel for kids (they’re watching, you know).

If the devil’s in it (and he often is), be careful what you do.

I’d hate to think your foolishness could be the death of you.

= – =

And if you’re ever criticized for your ideas and such,

Be content you’re not in hell!  Don’t let it bug you too much.

Remember GOD. He gives more grace. It’s Him we imitate.

If you’re not sure you belong to Him, repent—it’s not too late!

= – =

You didn’t die for anyone.  Christ did; He’s the worthy Lamb.

Back up and trust the Lord to work; He’s able to make men stand.

There is one Judge—One—and though you might think this odd,

We must walk in love; we must forgive; we must let God be God.

= – =

In our modern culture, there’s a fact that’s often just ignored:

Every one of us will give account of ourselves before the Lord.

You won’t judge me; I won’t judge you; but it’s true nonetheless,

We will be judged by the King of Kings who reigns in righteousness.

= – =

Lighten up on those we know who stick to stringent beliefs;

And don’t make our weaker brother stumble as we enjoy our liberties.

Doctrines of demons cause divisions—that’s what Satan’s all about.

Let’s focus on Christ, and His Holy Word will change us from inside out.

= – =

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2 Responses to The Devil’s Playground

  1. Tamz says:

    Absolutely amazing, both the gift God has given you, and the Gift of His Word He’s given us that you used so well!

  2. Meaghan says:

    very wonderful reminder…coffee and facebook can truly take over the morning, but when marinated in the Word, the whole day is blessed~thanks Laura

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