Kids and Moms

Please, Lord, I know You can help me…

To see, Lord, all that You do!

Please Lord, I ask You to help me…

To SEE, Lord.  Let me not forget  You!

“He’s got the whole world in His hands.”  These days, that’s quite a handful. — …It’s a good thing He’s got big hands.

Our world is demonized; our country is polarized; our kids are computerized. —  …It’s a good thing He’s got big hands.

I’m a mom.  We mommas tend to want to bear everybody’s burdens.  Right now, one daughter is juggling life with a full-time job; another is getting established in her marriage and home; and the third is up-close and personal with a hurricane.  — …It’s a good thing He’s got big hands.

If I’m not careful, for every fender-bender or missed appointment, my blood pressure maxes out. Today someone misplaced something, and we limped through the morning with whimpering and sarcasm.  But the show must go on.  Later, I bowed in thanksgiving:  I’d prayed on Second Street, and God was kind enough to answer by 24th.  — …It’s a good thing He’s got big hands.

I was struck by what a ruckus we’d made.  Motivated by love, I was carrying a burden that wasn’t mine.  (It’s not my job to be that dear one’s ultimate comforter, helper, or god.)  — …It’s a good thing He’s got big hands.

I was relieved to be cognizant of my God-given assurance that He lives.  I pondered ways I’ve tried to be everybody’s mother—and how little (if anything) I’ve ever contributed in such situations. — …It’s a good thing He’s got big hands.

I think of coping mechanisms of Moms I’ve known: the one whose solution was to eliminate people altogether.  Another indiscriminately helped everybody, and paid dearly for it.  Then there’s the one who farms everybody out to psychoanalysis, or another who sloughs off the burdens on her other offspring.  And of course we know those whose minivans keep the oil rigs and fast food places in business; and by contrast, the one who just smoothly glides in low gear (my personal favorite).  — …It’s a good thing He’s got big hands.

I’m offering up a prayer for all the young mothers—and future moms—that they’ll learn an important lesson early on: casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. — …And He’s got big hands.

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