Keeping the Peace

Today’s mail brought excitement! But not in the good sense of the word.  It was a letter from an attorney.  Our house policy is not to open others’ mail, so there it sat.  As I ran my errands, I sent up heartfelt prayers: “Lord, I trust You.  Yup.  I do.  …  Lord, help me to trust You.”Two hours later, here came the epiphany—(and for you a heads up): a stamp on the back of the envelope: “Advertisement.”


Now, that’s what I call keeping the peace:

—1) Trouble perceived (mail).
—2) Limitations recognized (not my mail).
—3) God contacted (prayer). 
—4) Helplessness acknowledged (no options).
—5) Prayer answered (“advertisement”).

Life is full of little surprises, isn’t it?  When things get dicey, my body has a built-in stress monitor. It behooves me (physically and spiritually) to “keep the peace.”

I thought it was cool that after making the above list, I found this list the police utilize for keeping the peace:

—1) Information Receipt
—2) Threat Assessment
—3) Powers and Policy
—4) Tactical Options
—5) Actions and Contingencies

Take a moment and match them by number.


Cool, huh?

Of course, today’s example isn’t comprehensive; I didn’t need Tactical Options.  But conflict resolution (even within ourselves, to keep the peace) requires a few protocols.  Again, these are similar to those used by the police:

—1) Assessment
—2) Impartiality
—3) Communication
—4) Tactics / Objectives
—5) Commands / Responses / Contingencies

The governing authorities are prepared for the worst amidst this wicked and perverse generation; we can take their cue.  It’s foolish to float around in rose-colored glasses, becoming vexed when our peace is breached—without a clue how to regain control over whatever has undermined our joy.

Hmm.  It seems my blog has a running theme lately: God has promised us peace and joy; but He also instructs us to be wise.


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