The Napoleon Complex

= – =
I always think I’m always right
(But I know that I’m really not).
Self-confidence isn’t a virtue—
Eventually it’ll hurt you—
If you behave like a bossy little snot.
= – =
Arrogance is ignorant;
(A Napoleon Complex stinks):
Thinking we’re never wrong—
Angrily plodding along—
Not caring what others think.
= – =
Why do we become angry?
(Because we’re absorbed with “Me!”)
It’s tantamount to toddlers—
Throwing tantrums at fathers—
If anybody dares to disagree.
= – =
There’s nothing uglier than a smart-alec,
(Except maybe a know-it-all).
Don’t defend and debate—
You’ll just drive home late—
After hitting an impenetrable wall.
= – =
Animosity and incessant arguing
(Add insult to injury, you know).
It’s obvious, of course—
You’re beating a dead horse—
Don’t bother; you may as well go.
= – =
What is required is beyond your power;
(Only God can do what’s needed).
Badgering, berating, bellowing—
Planning, plotting, pleading—
This way, nobody’s word will be heeded.
= – =
Clear and consistent counseling
(From the Bible; not from you).
Changes selfish hearts—
That’s where it all starts—
If the Spirit is allowed to rule.
= – =
Communication and mutual trust
(Keys to friendship and love).
Are like a Love Potion—
Bringing unity and devotion—
If we’re humble before the Lord above.
= – =
 “Would you rather be right, or be happy?”
(Ask yourself, next time you’re at odds).
Are you purveying hate—?
Actively trying to alienate—?
Is any of this pleasing to God?
= – =
Are you merely tolerating people?
(Do you put up with—just to put down?)
Are your feelings so brittle—?  
Do you tend to belittle—?
Do it long enough, and you’ll look like a clown!
= – =
Interrupting and sporadic yelling
(Are unbecoming, demeaning, and wrong).
Better to quietly hear—
Treating others as dear—
And patiently, gently respond.
= – =
Nobody knows everything; it’s true
(Stop yourself before it goes south).
Quit being the big shot—
Entertain others’ thoughts—
Hence, your two ears and one mouth!
= – =
There’s always plenty to be learned
(No matter how smart you think you are).
Cut yourself down to size;
Learn to apologize;
A little humility will take you quite far.
= – =
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One Response to The Napoleon Complex

  1. Tamz says:

    I wish I could leave a clever response;
    You’re really one of the best.
    Every word of this is true,
    Set in rhyme, it’s clearer too.
    I pray He will open the eyes of the rest.

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