It’s So Groovy Now


I’ve been reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen in awhile—some for over a decade.  At first it was bittersweet: the hiatus had been partly my own doing.  But it’s no longer bittersweet: it’s just sweet.  “I think it’s so groovy now that people are finally getting together.” 

That’s from an oldie, “Reach Out of the Darkness.”  [Yes, I got it right: the popular lyrics diverged from the official.  As for me, I don’t like either proposition: reaching out of  the darkness implies you’re in it.  Reaching out in the darkness is just plain stupid.]

Oh. While we’re at it, the word groovy started with jazz culture: music had a “groove.” They derived that term from the grooves in a record album. (Remember vinyl?)

I don’t claim to be from the 60s.  But the music is part of my essence.  From that same song:

—I knew a man that I did not care for
—And then one day this man gave me a call
—We sat and talked about things on our mind
—And now this man he is a friend of mine

So far this year, I have spoken at length with over 20 people that I had removed from the reach of my hug.  (But never from the reach of my heart.)  The whole thing was a royal SNAFU.  Like I said: bittersweet.  May I say to you?  Please don’t miss out on time with people you love; life goes by faster than we think it will.

I am tickled and elated at all these reunions.  It took time, and lots of prayer, but I am so glad I began instigating this.  Without exception, each one has picked up right where we left off.  They’ve been so much like Jesus—showing forgiveness, understanding, and mercy.  What friends.  What a Savior!

Wow. I think that old 45 has a deeper meaning for me:

—And then one day this Man gave me a call…
—And now this Man, He is a Friend of mine.
= – =
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