Sticking with the Status Quo


“Whadaya wanna do?” … “I dunno; whada you wanna do?”

‘Sound familiar?

But deep down—we do know.  As a Christian, I’m amazed how different my wants are.  There was a day when my sole desire was to lavish on Laura; now I want to serve the Savior.  And I do.  (Praise Him!)  My foolish, darkened heart was changed forever.

But any truly repentant and forgiven believer will admit:  whether it’s fanfare, friends, food, finances, or other foolishness, there are areas that could still use a sledge hammer.  God’s Word explains His best, and we settle for second-best.

Why do we do that?  I submit that we stick with the status quo.  It’s good enough for government work.  “This way hasn’t killed me yet.”  But an off‑the‑mark trajectory has a snowball effect.  God is interested in our trajectory.  He knows what it leads to.  God is LOVE.  He’s our Daddy, and He is glorified when He sees us living lives of blessing and sanctification.

That’s why He gave us His Word—to affect our status quo.  The Scriptures speak of a life characterized by genuine love for God, His saints, and the unbelieving.  This sincere love includes—as Christ displayed—uncompromising holiness.  The crux of it is walking in the Spirit rather than the flesh.

Are those fightin’ words?  Good!  Struggle with it!  Maybe you’ll step out of your comfort zone and do something about those strained relationships, poor health choices, or lack of diligence.  Look at the big picture.  Think about your life down the road.  Dig deeply into God’s Word.  Find a place to serve alongside others.  Build joy.  “Turn the radio on!”  What’s so scary about making things better?! Morph. Stretch. Jump.  Switch.  Shake off the vestiges of mediocrity.  Do whatever it takes to think outside of the box.  Your Daddy wants to see you happy.

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  1. Completely irrelevant… But the picture made me think of it…

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