Who’s Your Daddy?

My protoplasm is floating around the U.S., but this isn’t where I really live.  My home is in the heavenlies.  My Father, my King, lives there.  But He shows Himself here on earth through me and others—and He’s coming to get us.

In the meantime, I want to bring yummy flavor to people, dispelling darkness (salt and light).  For instance, I try to obey the law.  I’ve been typing sermons about this:  God created human government because we’re made in His image (Gen. 9:6) and wants us to obey them (Rom. 13:1)—not just so things go well, but because it’s the right thing to do (Rom. 13:5).

But I’ve learned a few other things:  For starters, I only obey my authorities.  Just because somebody is older, thinks they know me, or holds some position, doesn’t mean I have to implicitly do their bidding.  If some joker lays out his personal set of rules on how to raise a family, keep a home, or even fix a car, I can disregard it all (and often do).

Frankly, I’m flabbergasted at how many people walk around town, acting like anybody from Oprah, to Rush, to John, to Bill—self-proclaimed authorities over individuals—beautiful souls that God created for His own glory.

That being said, I do still try to obey my superiors; I’m down with that.  In America it’s extremely rare they would tell us to do something that God forbids, or not to do something God commands.  But if they did, “Not gonna do it; ‘wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.”  (George got that from Daniel and the apostles.)

Not at work or home, but I recall at least four specific situations elsewhere when I’ve just elected to disengage.  Somebody snapped a rod, and all bets were off. Nonetheless, I did not “get in their face.”  There’s no call for dishonoring God’s very presence by bringing things to a new low.  Paul said, “Speak evil of no man.”  ‘No sense kicking and screaming.  Just hand in the pink slip and let the chips fall.  I have found that, in due time, God gathers them up.

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