A Wing and a Prayer


Captain Jim Gordon (John Wayne): Any word on that flight yet?

Rangoon Hotel Clerk: Yes sir, it was attacked and fired on… She’s coming in on one wing and a prayer.

Did he say, “one wing”?

Oh, yeah: “and a prayer.”  (Helpful added detail.)

I’m learning this.  Life throws things at us that can damage the parts.  Ostensibly, I should have been long in the junk heap—but for that “helpful added detail”: PRAYER!

Lately we’ve been running on a wing and prayer.  But I can tell the prayer is making a difference:

— I prayed for an end to the outlay on these house projects.  The loose ends were covered by refunds from surplus materials.

— I’d procrastinated printer ink.  It ran out; that night I found some I’d stored.

— I’d also put off getting my big bag of coffee beans.  Right before shopping day, David said he preferred the kind I’d improvised with.  It’s cheaper, and I think the big bag was going south before we could get through it.

— So far we’re doing just fine without the land line.

— It came up that we can eliminate basic cable.  We were only keeping it for Mom.  ‘Come to find out, she’s had her own provider for months!

— My husband found out his raise was retroactive.  Suh-WEET!

— Autumn is here, which means I can change my wardrobe without spending a cent.   Also, my warm outfits were missing; I thought I’d adiosed them.  ‘So grateful I wasn’t too proud to stay in pastels a couple of extra weeks.  Last night I pulled down a bin I thought was crafting.  Voila!

— Since we started minding our P’s and Q’s (Pennies and Quarters?), there seem to be bucks in my purse for weekly coffees:  a friend had sneaked some in for gas on our trip; I discovered I’d stashed a 10-spot; and another friend donated for Bible study night coffee.  (What’s your problem? I used it for coffee!)

Anyway, you get the idea.  We’ve been praying, and it’s surprising how God answers.  Hmm.  I wonder…  Could it be that flying with one wing…  just causes us to notice it more??

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