Conversion Condundrum


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God came down to where we live–to show us who He is.

He showed Dominion over Demons, Darkness, Diseases, Destitution, the Depths, and Death.

He exemplified Greatness and Glory—Giving and Grace.

He sent Men with Minimal Money on Mighty Missions.

He Went, Warned, Wept, and pronounced Woe.

He Reaped Rich Results of Repentance.

And Much, Much More.

Today’s time in the Word was another occasion where I was left speechless—aghast—feeling rather naked.

Jesus taught ministry to the filthy.  He admonished people to Forsake the Fancy Footwork and Learn to Love.  He had a lot to say to those who looked with a sideways glance at Prodigals and Partiers.  He’s the Perfect Picture of Power—and compassion.

Why are we Still so Shamefully Slow at Shedding our Smugness?  Our Sanctification Seems like Sluggish, Systematic Steps.  What are we missing?

[A moment to stop and re-morph our brains back from thinking of that person who “should read this.”]

…The Pharisee stood and was praying this to himself: ‘God, I thank You that I am not like other people…

God came down to where we live—to show us who He is.

The Contrast is Confusing.

It still floors me—I’m absolutely awestruck—that many years ago God DID take away my stony heart—and gave me a pliable one; that by grace there has been growth.  But Wow, Jesus set a Perfect standard.  I cannot escape my Subtle Smatterings of Sanctimony.  [ Just Search the Scroll button. :/ ]

As often happens when I write these posts, one conundrum reveals another skulking eerily beneath.  Here it is:  Depraved Ditzes Don’t Deserve Deterrents from Destruction!

But on mornings like today, nonetheless I am thankful for them.  The Holy Bible: Proclaiming Problems—and Pointing out Potential Progress!

Praise Him!

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2 Responses to Conversion Condundrum

  1. Tamz says:

    Precisely the Pertinent Principles for which Publishers & Parishioners Pray.

    … just sayin’…

  2. I have to be honest….the pug made me look at this post in particular, but as I began to read the words, I am glad I did clicked on the post. Beautifully written.

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