Making it Happen

A relative of ours told David, “If it weren’t for my wife, I’d have no social life.”  David had to admit, the same goes for him.

As these two codgers commiserated, little did they know: it weren’t for she and me, neither would we!  …Oh, well, that’s not entirely true.  But our hubbies aren’t the only ones that don’t make plans.  I get the hit a lot of Americans are just busy, tired, or otherwise distracted.  About half of what we do is originated by Yours Truly.  And the folks are usually very much on board with whatever shenanigans I come up with.  (For the record, some are not so inclined.  Right or wrong, I finally decided to stop “taking it personal.”)

As we go through life, we can go in one of two directions (on any given day):  growing more and more isolated (for a number of possible reasons), or reaching out to others in genuine love (getting brighter and brighter at shining our light).  I’ve watched folks at both ends of the spectrum; we prefer the latter.

But it doesn’t just happen; I have to make it happen.  We have four weekly events of fellowship and/or ministry, and we plan another two or so.  (Otherwise, we wives would have more than our fill of comfort food and Sci‑Fi movies.)

If only there were enough time to minister to and enjoy all the people we love—as often as we’d like.  I so look forward to heaven: our time will no longer be limited… (but my idiosyncrasies will!)  In the meantime, we keep in touch as best we can, and encourage regularly those who…….. are used to us.  Hehe.

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2 Responses to Making it Happen

  1. yalandarose says:

    many people don’t realize that keeping in touch is a valuable ministry:)

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