The Lone Misfit Honker!


The other day I had to giggle.  I always enjoy the gaggles of geese flying over.  It was foggy, so this time I could only hear them.  Another difference was, oddly, one of them was off-tune—and offbeat.  He was The Lone Misfit Honker!  It really did make me laugh.  I felt sorry for the poor thing.  But then, duh, it occurred to me: It was really foggy that morning!  So, goofy as it may seem, skyward went my eyes, my voice chiming, “Way to go, Rudolph!”

I remembered that honker later, as I was quietly driving my car.  I was comparing that goose to a friend of mine—who had exhibited extraordinary boldness—stepping out of his comfort zone.  Just like the Lone Misfit Honker, though he may have been offbeat (off the beaten path), he plowed forward.  This being Veterans Day week, I think also of those men and women who do that very same thing—every day: they ignore the pain in their gut, looking toward the reward in doing the right thing.

Evidently, God wanted somebody to man up.  So my friend did.  He decided he would remain in the on-deck circle no longer.  He didn’t have a clue what he was doing—and did not feel very brave doing it—but at every juncture that said, “Turn back!” he didn’t.

I applaud this friend.  He went up to bat—he manned up.  It wasn’t easy sticking his (goose) neck out like that.  And he doesn’t really know if his bold exploit will have the desired end.  But from my vantage point in the bleachers, he hit a home run.

So I take this moment—to give a Hearty Hooray to my brave friend!  And all the Lone Misfit Honkers!


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One Response to The Lone Misfit Honker!

  1. themamaduck says:

    Well said, my friend. 🙂

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