Happy Test Day To You


= – =

Happy test day to you:

You’re Christian clear through!

There’s a reason this is happening,

If you think this all through:

= – =

What seems bad at the time

Is really no crime.

It’s to test you, Dear Saint:

Everything is fine!

= – =

These surprises you meet

(If your faith is concrete)

Bring growth and endurance

So you’ll be complete.

= – =

May I ask, Brother (or Sis),

Do you feel stupid in this?

Then ask God for wisdom!

He has no crisis.

= – =

He’ll give without a chide,

If you ask without pride

Or unstable doubting—

God is on your side!

= – =

You’re probably to blame. (!)

So glory in being shamed.

This will bring you even closer

To His Wonderful Name!

= – =

After persevering in trial—

For just this little while,

A crown of life waits.

That should make you smile!

= – =

Oh! Screech that idea to a halt:

If you’re tempted, it’s not God’s fault.

And remember, Beloved:

God blesses you—a lot.

= – =

This is your Father’s aim:

That you won’t stay the same,

Be the firstfruits of His creatures.

With Love, –Your brother, James ~

= – =


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One Response to Happy Test Day To You

  1. Tamz says:

    I love it!!! Sang the whole the thing to “Happy Birthday.” :o)

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