Accuser of the Brethren


Rev. 12:10  the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down

Somebody’s been busy.

Since Eden, Satan’s been making accusations to God about those who love God.  (Example: Job)

Sadly, sometimes people do this devilish work for him: putting forth a case, laying blame. (Examples: Job’s friends; the Pharisees)  In some scenarios, the accuser is telling the truth; in other cases, possibly not.  Either way, these people are “accusers of the brethren.”  Not good company.  The letter to Timothy calls them malicious gossips… reckless, and we are warned to avoid them.

Let’s bring it home: how meticulous we must be when laying out a charge!  And how cautiously we must entertain one!  That’s easier said than done: most of us are naïve—but we’re too naïve to know we’re that naïve.

Therefore, whenever the air is displaced with the sound waves of an accusation, let’s try to remember these ten points:

1. No matter the credentials, nobody is incapable of lying. (Nobody.  Where is the harm in corroborating the story?  Make the call; ask the questions.)

2. No matter the assurance, facts grow foggier with every day that passes, and with every repetition.  (Remember the game of Telephone?)

3. No matter the motives, accusations hurt people.  (Whether on the giving or receiving end, remember our motive is love!)

4. No matter the severity, any offense can be forgiven.  (The statute of limitations for believers is extremely short:  “It is finished.”)

5. No matter the specifics, greater will be the ramifications.  (People almost never use information solely for the purpose intended.)

6. No matter the defense, accusations can break down love within the church.  (The lack of forgiveness, grace, and unity tears down love.)

7. No matter the fancy words, consider the possibility that this could be the devil at work.  (Be people of prayer, and deep study of the relevant Scriptures.)

8. No matter the benevolent cause, there is none more benevolent than the kingdom of God.  (Be a builder, not a destroyer.)

9. No matter the juicy morsel, remember your God is truth.  (Be ridiculous about scribbling out every conjecture.)

10. No matter the convincing nature, remember the Golden Rule.  (You wouldn’t want to be judged by accusations made about you, would you?)

I can’t speak for everybody, but as for me, I certainly don’t want to be helping out the devil.  Let him do is own work.  I serve Another.

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2 Responses to Accuser of the Brethren

  1. Meaghan says:

    thank you Laura for the kind reminder~God is good and the Holy Spirit gives us life and hope, you are a dear friend 🙂

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