A Wrong Turn


I did it again.

During the long wait, through a long light, only to make a wrong turn, I asked myself, “How long have you lived in this town, Laura, and you still end up in the wrong lane?”  [Answer: 40 years.  Yup, that’s why I chide myself.  But in my defense, its population was 6 percent of what it is today.]

Since this red light was annoyingly long, I had time for another question: “How long have you lived in the kingdom, Laura, and you still end up… ?”

Oh, good:  the light changed.

Because of God (only because of God), most of the time I find myself on the right course.  That’s because I present my body a living sacrifice and follow Jesus, who “went about doing good.”  Just like these constantly-changing traffic patterns in my used-to-be-small town, my life morphs continually.  I’m so glad I have a GPS: God’s Perfect Scripture.

The answer to that second question is 30 years.  That’s how long I’ve been in the kingdom.  And as I’ve traveled life’s highway, I’ve discovered something: whenever I took the wrong fork in the road (times aplenty), before I got too far, God put up a directional sign—or raised a barrier.  Some of those signs and stops have been people along the way.  Nobody can change a person; only the Holy Spirit can.  But His servants in the Gospel have been the flashing yellows that I seem to need.

I must be about the work He called me to.  So He guides me against wrong turns—such as impurity, carousing, jealousy, anger, and dissension.  Lately we’ve been praying for somebody who seems to be picking some of these dangerous routes.  Instead of following the Holy GPS, there seems to be something of an alien treasure map!  It’s not pretty to watch: spinning the wheels, and then plunging downhill.

How much more prudent to avoid those lane changes, sticking to God’s pathway of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

…Leading us safely Home.

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