Ephesians 1:1-14


From Ephesians 1:1-14 About God About Us
God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing Blesses Blessed
God chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world Chooses Chosen
So we would be holy before Him Holy Made holy
In Christ, we are blameless Provides atonement Blameless
God predestined us to adoption as sons to Himself Predestined us Adopted
We are adopted through Jesus Christ Father of many Through Christ
God did this willingly, out of kindness Willing and kind Recipients
It’s all because of God’s glorious grace Filled with grace Undeserving
God bestowed that grace freely on us Freely gives Lavished
God’s grace is bestowed in the Beloved (Jesus) Gives grace in Jesus Receive through Jesus
In Christ, we have redemption Purchases us back Redeemed
Redemption is through Christ’s blood Accepts Christ’s blood Need the Savior’s offering
In Christ, we have forgiveness of our sins Forgives Forgiven
That forgiveness was because of God’s grace Forgives by grace Because God did it
He lavished that grace on us Lavishes grace Receive a lot of grace
God did all this in wisdom Knows what He’s doing Don’t question His wisdom
He revealed to us the mystery of His will Reveals mysteries Shown God’s plan
He did this out of kindness Kind motives Loved
It was God’s purpose in Christ Planned purpose Part of a greater purpose
God’s plan was always to sum up everything in Christ Administrator Included in an epoch of time
That’s everything in heaven and on earth Over all things One part of everything
In Christ we also have an inheritance Generous benefactor Inheritors
The inheritance is ours because we were predestined Blesses some Beneficiaries
It was the purpose of God who accomplishes His will Accomplishes what He wants Reliant on the Powerful One
He did this so we would bring Him glory. Works for His own glory Vessels that bring honor to God
In Christ we heard the gospel of our salvation Reveals truth Hearers of the Gospel
We believed Teacher Believers
We were sealed in Christ with the Holy Spirit of promise Spirit that seals Sealed with the Spirit
The Spirit was given as a promise of our inheritance Guarantor Promised an inheritance
The plan was for God’s Son to redeem God’s own possession Provided a redeemer Redeemed as God’s own people
For all this, God gets all the glory. Glorified Glorifiers
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