Good Tidings


The Good News is that the sinless Savior died for my sins and lives again; and His righteousness makes is possible for me to have a relationship with God.

Today I’ll tell you of a tangible picture of that very gospel—that we’re experiencing right here and now.

By God’s grace, my household is comprised of grown-ups: fairly responsible, a little careful, even somewhat prayerful.  But we weren’t always that way.  (Can you relate?)

One of the ways God has worked in us is through His helping hands here on earth.  Enter Lloyd and Jan.   This couple has been a picture of Christ to many: generous, kind, and patient—and they extend themselves to the undeserving.  For some, they’ve operated a pro active plan to provide, guide, and chide—whatever it took to shine the light of God.

We are one of those families.  In spite of our lack of initiative, they took it.  In spite of our lack of understanding, they remained.  In spite of our inadequacy, they care.  What a stark contrast their other-worldly conduct is!  With others, we have been ignored for being not-cool; forsaken for being foolish; despised for  being non-compliant.  That’s not Lloyd and Jan.

This couple recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.  To celebrate, they are taking all their offspring and the spouses on a very nice vacation.  The crazy part is… they are including us.

For David and me, this trip is the epitome of that great mystery:  God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  This vacation is a gift we don’t deserve; it’s among a special people we are privileged to know; and it cost a price we can’t repay.

It really does give meaning to “Merry Christmas!”  When they originally offered us this gift, my first reaction was to reject it: “I’m not worthy.”  But once we realized how foolish it would be to pass it up, David and I looked each other in the eye, and slowly began to grin.  The Gospel Truth?  There was nothing we could bring to the table but a thank you.

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One Response to Good Tidings

  1. Janelle says:

    Have a wonderful trip!

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