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“The Reason”

Indulge me as I mention another song.  Here’s the chorus from Hoobastank’s “The Reason”: = – = I’ve found a reason for me To change who I used to be A reason to start over new And the reason is … Continue reading

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  Here’s part of a Facebook thread: —– RG: “…someone dealing with people unwilling to resolve past hurts. What to do with unresolved anger is a hard issue. It is so hard to forgive when it is not validated.” —– … Continue reading

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  Worship is blessed with (Starfield’s) song “Unashamed.” And I know I’m weak; I know I’m unworthy To call upon Your name— But because of grace, Because of Your mercy, I stand here unashamed. Today I read Genesis 50.  Upon … Continue reading

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Luke 12

  Jesus said to beware of hypocrites. Someday, everything will be laid bare. Don’t fear men. Fear God: He can cast you to hell! God remembers even little sparrows. He knows you, even the number of your hairs. Everyone who … Continue reading

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Sand in the Sandal

  In a scene from Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”, the maître d’ persuades a big man—who insists he’s already full—to eat a “wafer-thin mint”.  The man explodes!  Haha!  Somebody visited my house once.  She finally gave in to … Continue reading

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Screen Captures

  At work, we take a lot of screen captures: proof that we received this or sent that.  ‘Too bad these precious snippets, frozen in time forever, are merely emails regarding serial numbers. Yesterday, I took an hour and typed … Continue reading

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‘Praying for my dear friend in the hospital.

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