No One Said There’d be Ice Skating!


It was icy this morning.  My car was so excited, it did the boogie-woogie!  Yeehaw!  Then, when I finally arrived at the parking lot, I did!  (Ouch.)  After gliding to safety, I texted my family: “No one said there’d be ice skating!”  Near the entrance to my building, for the first time I noticed a smooth stone with this inscription: “If in life you trip, make it part of the dance.”  I had to giggle.

All this, and it wasn’t yet 8 AM.  It turns out they have Casual Friday: jeans, fresh candy in the bowl, and even some jocularity.  Who’d have thought we’d hear the names Napoleon, Stalin, Big Bird, and Elmo in the same sentence?  Evidently, they all exhibited the element of surprise.  I also learned one employee has two dachshunds: Chip, and Dip.  ‘Gotta love it.

So, my third shift:  the computers and copier were upgraded right before I came on, so we all had a bit of a learning curve today.  (Note to Self: working with networked files and devices means (as with everything in life), Check Your Settings.  [That one’s for (you know who you are).]

Yes, this first-time out in over 20 years has been a week to remember.  There is a reason they pay us to do this.  A dear friend has been reminding me that God is with me EVERY moment of EVERY day.  That has been such a comfort, let me tell you!  We were able to work through a number of “surprises,” and today I even got to “shine” a little (at least a glimmer).

One way God helped me was in an axiom from a co-worker.  When a document “disappeared,” she was right:  “It’s still there; it’s always there.”  For that, I just might fill the candy bowl next time.

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