Crazy Weird

“I found her diary underneath a tree…”

Happy news today!  Unbeknownst to me, my first week or so of this temp assignment was an audition.  Today my boss said, “I’ve decided to keep you.”  She then gave me her detailed assessment of my work (very positive).  She’s setting me up with email and an ID card, sent out an inter-departmental memo, and wants a temporary name placard on my desk.

After work, I came home and hunted down my memento box–in hopes of finding my old desk placard.  Nope, ‘didn’t keep it.

Thus ends today’s shop talk.

But what I did find: an old diary!  Every day, from age 16 to 20, I wrote several sentences.  Tonight we dined with our daughters and son-in-law, and we were absolutely howling!  I was such a RUBE!  I just couldn’t believe this.  It was captivating; I am sure I have not looked at this book in decades.

But, just like most teenagers, my life wasn’t all fun and games.  For tonight’s every belly laugh, a page later there was shocking drama.  (I did not know the Lord.) And, just like most pagans, my life was going from bad to worse.  This much was obvious, as there was an entry from each of the five years on each page:



1974  [Entry] 1974  [Entry]
1975  [Entry 1975  [Entry]
1976  [Entry] 1976  [Entry]
1977  [Entry] 1977  [Entry]
1978  [Entry] 1978  [Entry]

It’s interesting to me that God would ordain that I not see this book all these years.  It is only now—in His strength—that I can read these entries that are all over the map: from foolish, hormonal rants about boyfriends—to heart-wrenching episodes about my wicked stepfather.

My daughter immediately saw the blog potential.


Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Crazy Weird

  1. Janelle says:

    That’s funny — I’ve been going through an old journal, too. I am sometimes embarrassed by the things I wrote as a teenager and pre-Christ. When I feel that I haven’t made any progress in sanctification, it seems to help to look back and see just how far God has taken me.

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