Sand in the Sandal


In a scene from Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”, the maître d’ persuades a big man—who insists he’s already full—to eat a “wafer-thin mint”.  The man explodes!  Haha!  Somebody visited my house once.  She finally gave in to the craving; she popped one M&M.  When she sat back down, CRASH!—the chair detonated!  Down she went.  Immediately (after assuring she was okay), I made the Monty Python reference.

A friend joined us tonight. (No M&M’s, but we had Good & Plenty!)  He told us of a friend who is in need of an intervention.  Others have made attempts to no avail, and he’s thinking of giving it a go.

This is a picture of Christ.  But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. … the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost.

It’s like walking on the beach with grains of sand in your sandal: you shake your foot every other step; this goes on for a few minutes. Finally, your partner intervenes: they ask if you’re part of the Ministry of Silly Walks (also a la Monty Python).  Duh.  You stop for two seconds, and shake out your shoe.

It’s that wafer-thin mint: someone has a chronic problem, and so far no one’s been able to help.  My buddy wants to insert himself—in hopes of changing the status quo.  (Another movie reference: “National Treasure.”)  It takes an outside influence to change the status; static; standstill; stationary; stagnant.

We discussed intervention.  Our consensus was that one-on-one is better, but he says there have already been a series of those.  He can’t tell whether he’d make a difference.  I totally get that: I, too, have dealt with the stubborn, the hurtful, the addicted.

What does it take to rock their world?  Maybe the corpulent cracker crumbler needs a wafer-thin mint—in the form of family members around a table.  If that doesn’t work, one of them can get him in a headlock, while another grabs his shoe; and the rest can start shaking.

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