Way-to-Work Prayer


A reminder: after 22 years of working from home, I’m now three weeks in at a job in an office.  Yeah, about that: every day, as I drive to work, I pray!

Add to that the dynamic of being a temp.  You see, I find people to be wonderful; I can already see it will be so sad to leave!  And finally, it’s a job that is filling a hole in my skill set (learning curve).  The sum total of it is—for me—it’s a whole lotta new.

So yeah, about that: every day, as I drive to work, I pray!  Today’s car prayer was something like this:

= – =

You know how this plays out,

And You know my need.

My desire is such-and-such;

Lord, dare I plead?

= – =

I like the people here;

I want to shine for You.

Maybe You put me in this place

For Sam and Sally and Sue!

= – =

It seems that the income

Is actually essential,

And though the job is tricky,

I can see the potential!

= – =

Hear my cry, O Lord,

I’m not good at prayers.

But as I am speaking,

You’re peeling off layers.

= – =

Please double my skills;

Multiply retention;

And help me, Dear Father,

To pay attention!

= – =

If something is out there

That you want me to see,

Help me not to miss

What You have in store for me.

= – =

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