I Blew It!


For our Valentine dinner last night, I overcooked the potatoes.  I hate when that happens:  I work on an event or project, and carry off most of it pretty well—but there’s one thing I mess up.  Like at work yesterday: during the Valentine exchange, I got a little too corny.  Ouch, after a full month of not being a complete dweeb, I had to go and blow it.

At Wednesday’s Bible study, my wonky wisdom threw us off.  At Tuesday coffee, I told a story that was over the top.  Monday, I rudely left our special occasion to go color my hair.  Sunday, I was flippant; Saturday, I was loud.

Arrggh!  Is there any hope for me?  How many poor saps are there to whittle through?  Maybe I’d better just find a place to start all over; perhaps Pocatello.

Let’s face it: for every ten things I do right, I simply cannot help myself from the absolute zinger.  I intermittently blow it!  And then, in the next day’s early-morning quiet, I beat myself up: “Why did you say that?”

I know, I sound paranoid.  But sadly, I must report:  I don’t sell people short (try to hope all things), but the results of our failures are as varied as the receivers.  Some have been very gracious–and (in spite of myself) I do have lifelong friends.  But others have slowly slithered away.  Yes, zingers can bring consequences.  For some, all it takes is that one goofball day—and you’re out.  It’s a thorn in my flesh that keeps me humble.

However, after this morning’s self-shellacking, I had another lovely thought:

= – =

Some allow a failure to define me;

But others have persevered.

Some are concerned with appearances,

But others like that I’m weird!

= – =

I blew it every day this week—

And I’ll probably blow it today.

I’m glad Jesus knows my weirdness best,

And remains my Friend anyway.

= – =
So as I head out on today’s adventure,

I’ll say and do odd things, I know—

So, Lord, help me do better today:

I don’t think I’d like Pocatello.

= – =

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