Flying Solo


The boss had an appointment today; so, for the first time at this location, I worked alone.  Then, part-way through the morning’s delegations, I really flew solo: I put away my procedure notes!


Having worked from my home PC for two decades, I haven’t exactly needed my hand held; but this work is different for me, so it was a step toward what I’m used to: productivity.

Cool beans.

My daughters (one married, one at home) are in the workplace as well.  Like me, both are fairly independent (the coconut doesn’t fall far from the palm tree).  It pleases me to see them striking out on their own.  While each of us three appreciates the protection of husband or father, and our King is Christ, we are nonetheless somewhat free agents. For large portions of our time, we fly solo. With God’s strength, we report directly to employers, make executive decisions on personal business, and need not rely on intermediaries for active connections with church, peers, friends, and family.  We are (within Scriptural confines) autonomous adults.

Don’t get me wrong: we understand our positions as women in the Lord, and we are extremely social creatures (most of the time).  And I, myself, enjoy the safety blanket of a go-to person (aka co-pilot).  In fact, it is my belief we are born to be all about the people.  (It’s certainly not all about the stuff!)

But sometimes it really is good to do something independently (humanly speaking).  The proof is in the pudding: if you fly solo, you’ve got your thinking cap on, Baby!  You find out what you’re made of (and so does everybody else).  We find out whether we can carry some weight, rather than perpetually pilfering off of people.  We discern the level of trust people can have for us to make decisions.

But I’d say, hands down, the best part is this:  if something ever derails (which it is known to do), we’ve shown our neighbors they have someone to lean on.  And in this fast-paced, complicated world, that can just the difference a neighbor needs.


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2 Responses to Flying Solo

  1. larryboy says:

    If I am anything, it is dedicated. It has taken me 1 hr. and fifteen minutes as well as re-setting my password 6 times to say this:
    ‘I think this is an excellent post. You have taken common every-day-events and connected them to the Great Guide of our lives.’
    Thanks Laura, You are very talented.

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