Cup Half Full


For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.

I honestly can’t tell you where it started.

I blame my kids.

When they were young I took my focus off of other things (rightly so, to an extent).  This is definitely a word to the wise:

Balance, People; balance.

The long and short of it is I’m slated for surgery: two 3-hour procedures—a pinch under the teeth and gums.  Where did I go wrong?

I blame Adam and Eve.

Speaking of sinful confessions, I didn’t do so well upon hearing the news that my first four months’ wages are already allocated.

I blame Bill Gates.

But as the day wound down, and this tidbit sank in, I got to thinking: before I landed in that adjustable chair, God was already there.  It’s no accident that we finally got smart and sent me to work.

I thank God.

That’s where we have to land, isn’t it?  We can grouse till the furrows in our brow would grow corn, but what profit is there in that?  It’s better to stop and smell the roses—thorns and all.

Mmmm.  ‘Love that.

Lately we’ve had our fill of doomsdayers.  (Or is it naysayers?)  “They’re taking away our rights.”  Frankly, there is reason for concern (this blog has even hopped on that bandwagon a time or two).

I blame Bill O’Reilly.

Maybe I’m being rather “Polyanna” here, but as for me, I do better with looking at the cup half full.  There are snippets of life that are too precious—to lovely—to downright hilarious—to spend much time pouting.

I blame Facebook.

So I’m looking at this dental procedure as a feat of modern technology.  And I’m not fretting about health care, global warming, or gun control.  Nor am I counting my eggs before they’re hatched.  [What?!]  God is already there, and He’s coming again.  In the meantime, I will try to look at that half-filled glass, gently sipping it as I go.

I blame Disney.

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One Response to Cup Half Full

  1. Tamz says:

    Excellent reminder to keep our focus where it really belongs – on Christ.

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