Monkey Business


Evolutionists like to sport videos of apes using sign language.  Something the theorists never seem to mention, however, is that apes never ask questions.  That’s right: they can communicate wanting a banana, but never ask your thoughts on it.  They “lack theory of mind: an understanding that other people have separate minds.”  (YouTube’s Vsauce.)  Humans (over age 4), on the other hand-with-opposable-thumb, do understand that others have knowledge—access to information that you might not have.

But, hey, on occasion I’ve acted more like a monkey—casually chirping along, throwing my 2 cents’ worth hither and yon.  Sometimes I’ve been down by a roll of pennies before I reckon that somebody else might have something to contribute to the equation.

This is the epitome of the depravity of the Garden:  S lied to E, who believed him, not bothering to check with G or A.  (H forbid A would know more than E!)  This is weighty.  … Moving on…

Since today’s post is knocking secular science, let’s take a potshot at psychology: they do the Sally-Anne Test: it ascertains whether someone realizes that another’s thoughts might actually be different from their own.  I can answer that: we all pass that test—sometimes; and we all fail—sometimes.

It’s amusing (albeit sad also) that some regularly show this monkey business.  Their Filibusters exhibit they’re oblivious to the millions of tons of gray matter outside the small bit between their own floppy ears.  With reckless abandon, they spout assertions, assessments, and exaggerations.  (Will somebody’s momma teach them to share the floor?)

Even worse than relying on their own paradigm (always skewed by prejudice and assumptions), they spew it in every direction, often to other Sally-Anne Test flunkies.  This creates a vortex of unawareness, and a centrifugal force that slings away any sensible outside gray matter.

Hmm.  I’m shaming myself, here.  I think I’ll sign off and go read a few blogs.

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2 Responses to Monkey Business

  1. Tamz says:

    There is one HILARIOUS line in there. ‘o)

  2. Janelle says:

    I’m sharing this!

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