Collision Repair

Though that kid rear-ended me almost a year ago, I still get a twinge now and then: mid-back.  And my car was repaired, but the trunk lid wants to bounce; I have to give it a little bit of torque. It stands to reason that collision repair can’t be 100 percent.

Recently, my dear friend was hit head-on.  We have an amazing God: She suffered 14 bone-breaks, but no head or internal injuries.  I expect there’ll be more than getting a twinge.

Over my half-century, most run-ins have produced scar tissue.  When two or more colliding bodies exert forces on each other, yeah: that’s gonna leave a mark.

In scientific terms, even a bug’s antenna touching a leaf is called a collision.  (btw, “A Bug’s Life” is 15 years old!)   We can’t do much of anything without some sort of collision, it seems like.  The variant is what occurs afterward.  Some make it into a clash; others are more deflective.  Velocity and force are only key factors if the objects don’t properly recalibrate. Ah, the 64 thousand dollar question.

Another dear friend collided with somebody quite awhile back (no cars involved).  By definition, a collision is of short duration; but for some reason this thing isn’t settled.

…the one who is disturbing you will bear his judgment, whoever he is. …  enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions…

After my car wreck, it was a done deal.  Even when I get a twinge, I’m not hunting for that kid, saying, “What gives? You did this to me!”  No.  I will likely never see that kid again.  And that’s fine.  He screwed up.  It’s okay.  We all do.  Every day.  So we forgive.

Even if we’ve been hit with a deliberate collision, we must make it a done deal. The repairs are made. Later, sure, maybe a twinge.  But we don’t track down the perpetrator!  We seek the Great Healer!

Now, the healing might not be 100 percent—nor should we expect it to be.  We’ve survived a big bump; it’s good to thank God for the lessons.  And it makes us a little stronger—every time we have to give it a little bit of torque.


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3 Responses to Collision Repair

  1. Tamz says:

    I wish everyone who has ever known you would read and heed this post!

  2. Most people don’t realize how important collision repair is. They have to fix your car so that you can drive 80mph on the freeway, safely, afterwards. Don’t skimp. Your trunk should work as it did before the accident, or you should have the repair shop fix it.

  3. colliision was bad..thank God by his grace you all are safe.

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