Writing a blog takes some guts:  we ought to have a bead on things (in some realm or another).  Even a one-minute blog like mine should have a semblance of reason.  (Frankly, the best bloggers are like Mr. Ed, who “never speaks unless he has something to say.”)

It’s equally important to acknowledge that we aren’t 100 percent right.  We wouldn’t even assert such a thing.

Nor would we bloggers say others are wrong, without giving them a forum to state their case.  Can you imagine only posting comments that agreed?  What audacity!  That would be really pompous; so weird:  “Read my blog; everybody else is wrong.”  That’s the mentality of a 3-year-old.  Ignorance and audacity make strange bedfellows.

My blog has an open comment bar. Out of 1,500 comments, I’ve only screened out 2: one was spam, and the other identified me.  And yes indeed, on occasion, commenters have graciously redirected my thinking.  I am glad for this (only GOD knows everything).

We used to watch a TV show called “The X-Files.”  No, I don’t believe in extra-terrestrials; but I did enjoy Fox and Mulder’s juxtaposed opinions.  That’s the best way to get a story IMO (if it really IS “fair and balanced”).  They always let you draw your own conclusion.  You weren’t supposed to side with Mulder (too concrete) or with Fox (too metaphysical).  The final scene faded to an evening sky with “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.”

I like that.  Short of God’s Holy Scriptures (NOT taken out of context), everything is speculation.

Please accept this blog post as my official disclaimer; my humble admission; an official invitation to comment as you wish; toss in your conjecture; contradict.


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  1. I love your final line. ‘The Truth is out There’. And, we know who THE TRUTH is!

  2. Janelle says:

    Now I have the X-Files theme song playing in my head. 😉

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