Emotion Commotion


Granny used to call us Whippersnappers.  This generation, you’d have to snap them awake!  Apathy and indifference are their dungeon, and their mantra is boredom.  Where’s the emotion, Dudes?

If you’re disappointed or annoyed, it’s okay to be (a little) angry at foolishness. Man!  Of course, guard against disgust or contemptZest is bitter if it catches the pith.

‘Got hatred?  Are you hostile?  Have you felt actual loathing?  Are there incidents of rage?  Emotions are God’s built-in warning signals; heed them.

A person truly reconciled to God generally exhibits peace, patience, and self-control.  If we feel twinges of frustration, we must keep from building resentment or pride, which lead to outrage (which can be embarrassing!)

What are you doing with your distrust?  Is it morphing into jealousy and envy?  Or the common path of despair and depression? 

Without God’s grace, my guilt and shame would be layers thick.  I couldn’t shake my regret and remorse.  I’d be filled with fear and panic, terror and dread; riddled with anxiety and anguish to the point of hysteria.  How much better to trust in God.

Make the Lord your passion!  Live a life of contentment and gratitude.  Even hurt, suffering, loneliness, or grief are bearable if we have Jesus.

Get curious!  Be ready to be shocked.  Have some zeal: pick a few people to love.  Do you already feel affection for your mother?  Show it!  Are you satisfied with the way you grew up?  Thank your dad!  Work your schedule to help someone on whom people tend not to take pity.

“Don’t worry; be happy.”  If you trust in the Lord, the euphoria will one day come.  In the kingdom—even while we’re still here—there is pleasure and joy, even awe and wonder. 

So take courage.  God will give you the desires of your heart.  He will surprise you.  Have hope.  And it doesn’t hurt to show a little excitement… Whippersnapper.


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