I just licked and sealed the envelopes.  No, Turbo Tax, you don’t get another run at it: I’m not likely to freeze and re-lick.  Actually, I can’t complain: ‘found enough deductions to defray my self-employment tax, with enough moolah for a day at the beach.  wOOt!

Having wrapped up my return, I hate to re-open the can of worms.  But just in case, I’ll hold off on mailing until next week.  Let me know if I’m missing something:

I didn’t see a deduction for planned obsolescence.  Doesn’t Uncle Sam account for the cash we drop from the demise of Chinese pieces of junk?  We should at least get a deduction for replacements—100% American.  Or maybe they could cut us some slack for that loss leader we bought on Black Friday, drinking us dry—one ink cartridge at a time.

And what’s with this pathetic allotment for our outlay of bread for bread?  The standard deduction for a married couple is $11,900.  Washington pencil-pushers call that enough dough to stave off starvation and hypothermia?  It’s more like throwing us a bone.  What is that, NEW, new math?

I also think they should consider giving a gas break.  All three of us work, but share two cars.  Yesterday our daughter asked about gas prices when we were her age.  Since they are literally ten times the price, I think our taxable income should be reduced to one tenth.  (Okay, THAT’S just silly.  But fun to think about!)

Again, the Government does not realize the bucks it takes to live–I mean really live—e.g., cable, internet, a phone, maybe a weekly trek to the local diner—C’mon, Big Bro, how about some coin!

Oh, and those “Miscellaneous Expenses” need an overhaul:  did I miss the Coffee category?  This is an absolutely necessary expense.  And while we’re at it, I think a few clams should be designated from the War Fund as part of the peace-keeping effort:  without Fast Food, most American families would Go Postal.

Okay, okay.  This is quite a departure for me. Yeah, I suppose today’s post is ridiculous and fanciful; a futile pipe dream.   I’m tempted to “deduct” it from my inventory.  (Hehe.)

But seriously, let me know if I’m missing something.  A day at the beach doesn’t come cheap!

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2 Responses to Deductions

  1. Yep! Quite a departure for you alright.
    And, I enjoyed it it immensely.
    Sadly our congress and boo-roh-krats have never lived in the ‘real world’. Those of us on SS have not had a ‘cost of living increase’ in five years. Apparently said boo-roh-krats have Guatemalian maids do the shopping and have no idea that a three dollar loaf of bread actually costs three dollars!
    Said congressmen and boo-roh-krats claim there is no inflation!
    Meanwhile the Feds, who are printing $50 billion a month in fake money have cut the base lending rate to 0%. Enabling the municipalities to buy back their tax free bonds. We get our original investments and the only place to put it is in CDs that pay a startling .00125% annually. How is that for captilism?
    Coffee? How about the taste of any brand lately? They must be using the stalks and leaves to enlarge the harvest. UGGGH! Bitter as gall.
    When I was a kid gasoline was 19 cents a gallon.

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