Happy People


= – =

Happy people are different:

They almost never hold grudges.

If you argue, yell, lie, or defame,

They simply will rub out the smudges.

= – =

Happy people are special:

They treat you with love and kindness:

They’re not acquainted with sarcasm,

And to your foibles they exhibit blindness.

= – =

Happy people take problems

And turn them into opportunities—

For learning, helping, and solving,

And building us up in unity.

= – =

Happy people are thankful;

They don’t covet; they just rest—

In the hope that the God of heaven

Is providing His very best.

= – =

Happy people are ambitious;

They aren’t stagnant, they aren’t lazy.

They work toward lofty goals,

Even when others think they’re crazy.

= – =

Happy people don’t worry,

For it won’t add a hair to their head.

When others are stressing over money,

The joyous are laughing instead.

= – =

Happy people don’t backbite;

They’re not mean; they don’t gossip or lie.

They’re nice, sweet, and engaging:

Just an all-around nice guy.

= – =

Happy people take ownership

When they’re wrong or commit an abuse.

They’re not too proud to apologize,

And if they do, they don’t make excuse.

= – =

Happy people are happy

They don’t steal, beg, or borrow.

They don’t anguish over yesterday,

Or fret about their tomorrow.

= – =

Happy people are focused

On their own life and issues, you see.

They don’t make social comparisons—

Against us, him, her, them, or me.

= – =

Happy people have friends;

They labor to maintain them close.

Their cronies are happy as well,

Because they care for others the most.

= – =

Happy people are listeners,

Not just wanting to hear their own voice.

If somebody’s sharing a story,

They can wait—deference is a choice.

= – =

Happy people talk to God.

They tell their hopes, their concerns, their doubts,

Their needs, their desires, their questions:

They just pray: daily lay it all out.

= – =

Happy people are healthy;

They eat well, exercise, and rest.

We weren’t made for couches and junk food,

Or spinning out while tired and stressed.

= – =

Happy people live simply;

They don’t need possessions and such.

They’re blessed with provision and comfort,

And take care that they don’t have too much.

= – =

Happy people are self-controlled,

Not living like a dog or a pig.

Discretion, discernment, and decorum:

Excess isn’t part of their gig.

= – =

Happy people are ready:

Prepared for the return of the King.

They live a life of holiness,

Giving thanks in everything.

= – =

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One Response to Happy People

  1. Meaghan says:

    yeah for happy people 🙂

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