Kill the Killers


Don’t let the title mislead you; I’m not dissin’ the band:

Somebody told me
That you had a boyfriend
That looked like a girlfriend
That I had in February of last year

No, this post is about the 6-hour surgery I had today:  “…short-duration laser pulses… on the pockets around… afflicted teeth…  This destroys bacteria and pathologic proteins near the root.”

Yeah, gross. ‘Sorry.  If that got to you, you’ll be really grossed out when I tell you the room smelled of burning bacteria.  Eeeek!

But it gets worse.  Typical dental plans have a $1,500 annual cap.  I had to take out a $5K loan.  Worse still (downright tragic, in my book), I’m on a liquid diet.  I’ll be chanting, “Were’s the beef?” till April.

Ah, well.  There’s always a blessing.  God’s timing is always impeccable.  Besides the fact that I might take off a few pounds (I’ll also be chanting, “Smoothie; not milkshake; Smoothie; not milkshake), this surgery brought a spiritual message.  It landed smack-dab in the middle of a Bible study I’m doing in the Pentateuch.

These pesky bacteria in my mouth have been infiltrating and wreaking havoc.  Indeed, this was the case of the nations with which God’s people intermingled.  It went from bad to worse (repeatedly).  The only solution was a full-on attack.  My surgeon needed to annihilate the uncomely activity, setting the stage for the Great Physician to enter in and build up what remains.  (Prayers appreciated, btw.)

Similarly, we see in God’s Word that He often must judge the stubborn.  After accepting gracious intercession on their behalf, some received grace.  But those yet continuing in destruction are judged.  Like my capable doctor today, going on the offensive with those microbes, first The Lord separates the stiff-necked–removing them far from those around whom He has placed a hedge of protection.

It’s dangerous to probe (get it?) into theology and stop short as I must in my post.  Suffice it to say: God’s design is to take a person and change them from the inside out.

And the way I’m feeling this afternoon, somebody’s got a good start.

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