Code of Conduct


This day, I commit to cooperate.

I will work hard for you.

I won’t leave you hanging.

I will build camaraderie.

I won’t violate confidences.

I will graciously hear correction.

I won’t utterly discard criticism.

I will speak up if the need arises.

I won’t be selfish.

I will practice kindness.

I won’t go directly over your head.

I will squelch gossip about you.

I won’t refuse a reasonable request.

I will use good manners.

I won’t disrespect you.

I will be a good listener.

I won’t remain stagnant.

I will grow in positive attributes.

I won’t lose my cool.

I will trust you.

I won’t be jealous.

I will practice humility.

I won’t cover up your sin.

I will forgive.

I will hope the best.

I won’t bail out on you.

I will defend you.

I won’t bum off of you.

I will utilize my abilities.

I won’t drag you down.

I will be considerate and fair.

I won’t lie.

I will make time for you.

I won’t hide my burdens.

I will give you wise counsel.

I will be loyal.

I won’t be unfaithful.

I will work at improving myself.

I won’t quench your personal growth.

I will mourn when you mourn.

I won’t have too high of expectations.

I will rejoice when you rejoice.

I won’t sequester you from others.

I will say “no” when I have to.

I won’t hold grudges.

I will be there when it counts.

I won’t let “stuff” get in the way.

I will help you get to where you want to be.

I won’t be a jerk.

I will appreciate your efforts.

I will remember your special days.

I won’t argue without cause.

I will value your life.

I won’t summarily dismiss your opinions.

I will have empathy.

I won’t leave you out of the loop.

I will challenge you.

I won’t mince words when you need them.

I will love.

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