Rough Day?


After work last night, I was beat.  The whole day was a training curve!  Then on lunch they dragged me through a power walk in the hot sun, and I didn’t feel that great overall.  To top it off, except for a nice chat with my daughter, the evening otherwise was pretty much a total loss.

But, really!  Do you hear me grumbling?  What others are facing today makes any complaint downright abominable.  (I don’t tell others’ stories here, but yes: praying especially today.)

Yesterday, as I worked in a clean environment on an ergonomic chair, others were sorting out debris from an explosion.  While I ambled white sidewalks under golden beams, others scrambled for warmth from a storm.  While I was disgruntled over a boring weeknight, others were doubled over with nausea from chemotherapy.

We’re pretty good at it aren’t we? Focusing on petty discomforts—with blinders on, to the sorrows right around the corner.  Scrolling through Facebook, hitting a post with too much reality: ‘ever scroll faster?  Praying heartily for someone fighting cancer, ‘ever find that it hurts so much, and tend to think of other things?

Hey, I’m not saying we need to turn into Eeyore.  [I, myself, am a TIGGER!  Yay!]  But yes, perspective:  putting ourselves in our brothers’ and sisters’ shoes; gazing upon the things that grieve the Lord; laboring alongside and bearing one another’s burdens.  And shining this way is also God’s great motivator for us to take it a step further, and impart the Gospel in the process.

How much more profitable than being focused on “The Condition My Condition is In”:  grousing over annoying people, a little back pain, birdie-doody on the windshield, even a bad hair day.  Wow: has it come to this?

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