The Price of Anonymity


On this weblog, I don’t use last names.  In fact, the only first names I use are those of my immediate family.  I don’t even mention geography.  I also restrict my blogs to my own stories.

But, Oh, if I were to lift those parameters:  what a good read it would be!

But I won’t.  (No worries.)

This level of anonymity has a price tag.  At the very least, there are life lessons I could impart daily.  Should I have the liberty to discuss anything and everything on this free domain, I dare say I could help a boatload of readers avoid a “shipload” of trouble.

But I won’t.  (No worries.)

How dramatic it would be to write about the manipulative lawmaker who failed to separate a family.

How convenient it would be to spell out guidelines for family politics and divergences of opinion.

How important it would be to openly refute hundreds of lies told about a great number of people.

How relevant it would be to explain the whys and wherefores of investments: learning the hard way.

But I won’t.  (No worries.)

Except for Yours Truly, I don’t write about individuals.  I NEVER HAVE Not here, or anywhere else—not so much as a thread comment or a “like” button.  If anyone thinks otherwise, he/she is mistaken (or misinformed).

If I lifted my stringent adherence to this Worthwhile Rule of Conduct, yeah: this blog would be more relevant—more robust—more racy.

But I won’t.  (No worries.)

And I’m a Lone Ranger: not part of a group of writers.  If anyone thinks otherwise, he/she is mistaken (or misinformed).  I am tempted to deal with the “mis-informant(s).”

But I won’t.  (No worries.)

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4 Responses to The Price of Anonymity

  1. Tamz says:

    No worries and lots of prayer for both the misinformed and the mis-informant(s).

  2. You lost me! What are you talking about, please?
    I really needed SOME help in avoiding my own ‘boatload’ of troubles.
    I have already made my mistakes in investments. Or, rather the current administration took care of my savings, would be a better choice of parsing of THAT thought.
    Must be something going on that only you know about. Wish I could help, I’m not bashful.

    • elsiephoebe says:

      The gist of today’s post was merely about how life’s stories involve many characters (not just ourselves), and much of our expertise and school of hard knocks comes from just such examples. Nonetheless, my Internet rule is to NOT discuss others’ scenarios. Hence the title, “The Price of Anonymity.”

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