Go and Do Likewise


But wishing to justify himself, he said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?” Jesus replied and said, “A man… fell among robbers… leaving him half dead. a priest… passed by… Likewise a Levite also… But a Samaritan… felt compassion…  Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”

= – =

Rhythm inspired by Billy Joel’s “An Innocent Man”

= – =

Some people GIVE so much more than they get,

Because of LOVE superseding themselves.

They see the NEEDS of the ones in their path

And ACT, instead of passing BY.

= – =

Some people CAUSE everyone that they MEET

To smile with JOY, having been so BLESSED—

Hearing WORDS of encouragement,

Because our efforts don’t miss their EYE.

= – =

Let’s remember to lift THEM up, too!

How many times have they blessed YOU?

= – =

What is it about them

That lifts them ABOVE—all the others we LOVE?

Dying to self, HELPING neighbors;

INSTEAD of being selfish flakes,

They don’t hesitate to do what it TAKES.

= – =

Some people KNOW what is burying us;

They would LIFT off the WORRY and sting.

Why not LEARN from the example they set?

They BLESS the weary one!



= – =

Some people SHARE everything that they’ve got—

WITHOUT regard to what it costs in the end.

There’s no CONCERN about how it plays out;

HELPING others is the ultimate goal.

= – =

Some people GO clearly out of their WAY

To help the NEIGHBORS that others ignore—

EVEN if it sets them off of their groove,

Or COSTS them all they can afford.

= – =

Are you SEEING the difference here?

Why not LEARN from the precious and dear?

=  – =

They’re a picture of GOD, Who came down

To SHOW how it’s done.

It’s not so hard to LOOK at these things

And see the BLESSINGS they bring.

Here it is: Love your NEIGHBOR as yourself.

= – =

Some people HELP through the DAY or the NIGHT,

Taking TIME, interrupting themselves,

EVEN WHEN they had other engagements—

They BLESS the weary one!



= – =


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3 Responses to Go and Do Likewise

  1. T. E. Hanna says:

    I love the fact that Jesus’ response to “who is my neighbor” was basically “you go BE the neighbor”

  2. Brilliant use of rhyme set to Billy Joel’s ‘Innocent Man’. I often wonder how your mind works, or if it ever stops working!

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