The Lying Man

= – =

Ever hear something weird?

It makes no sense in your ear?

The story told is hard to drink:

Something in it really stinks.

= – =

The more he says, the more you sense

That something here is too intense.

You go along because you’re nice—

As he tells a lie, then does it twice.

= – =

And then he adds another twist:

(It’s even worse than this or this!)

The lies he tells go down so well,

But discrepancies have a tale to tell.

= – =

“Is it possible…?” you should ask.

Yes, make a call and check the facts.

Men’s motives aren’t always pure.

You owe it to yourself to be sure.

= – =

‘Think the story is beyond doubt?

All the more reason to check it out!

If the story proves to be true,

It is no bad reflection on you.

= – =

You merely tried to hope all things,

And watch for mistaken inklings.

The effort given—a tiny token—

Could prevent a heart from being broken.

= – =

Face it, Friend, the world’s in sin:

Most will lie to save their skin.

Don’t blindly believe; it’s SO not cool.

Do your homework! Don’t be a fool.

= – =

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2 Responses to The Lying Man

  1. larry camp says:

    That mind, that mind, it’s inconceivable.
    to the tune of ‘This Kiss, this kiss by Faith Hill

  2. b. says:


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