Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out


I stumbled across an article telling us which people to get rid of.

……….Wait. What?

Are we at a place in history where we’re so busy that high-maintenance people aren’t worth the trouble?

………. Don’t answer that.

Are we so bent on relieving stress—and having comfort—that the answer is to adios precious souls one by one?

………. Brutal beasts.

Face it: every one of us is a Piece of Work.  Are we so clueless of our own failings that we can single out undesirables and whittle them away?

………. Another rhetorical.

As I’ve said before, people aren’t disposable.  Rather we warn, encourage, help, forbear, and bless.

………. What a concept.

In this rat race known as walking among the living, people are all-too-quick, in a moment of irritation, to take out their Sharpie and write somebody off.

………. Sharpie is permanent.

We’re quite ready to send packing anybody tending toward gossip, depression, vigor, foolishness, infringement, crankiness, perceived ill choices, arrogance, sloth, hypocrisy, smarminess, or annoyance.

………. WHO ARE WE to think we are any better?

There’s a dullness that comes over a lifetime of buffering from diverse neighbors who could be used by God prevent that very dullness (and could be helped by gentle care).

………. What a tragic waste.

= – =

The Gossip can be Dissuaded; The Melancholy can be Cheered.

Bring Reality to the Dramatic; Tolerate the Weird.

=  – =

The Frantic can be Soothed; The Immature can be Taught.

The Mooch can be Educated; The Hater can be Fought.

= – =

The Rebel can be Warned; The Snob can be Humbled.

The Competitor can be Squared; The Proud can be Tumbled.

= – =

The Lazy can be Helped; The Judge can be Dared.

The Hypocrite can be Challenged; The Schemer can be Snared.

= – =

The Bitter can be Forgiven; The Christian Rises Above.

The Annoying can be Comforted; The Sinner can be Loved.

= – =

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3 Responses to Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

  1. Shar says:

    Well written Laura. Thanks.

  2. A good reminder that the people placed in our lives are not there to make us happy – they are there for us to love.

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