Little Bits Add Up to Big Grace


My supervisor took a vacation.  I survived my first week working alone!  But guess Who gets ALL the glory?  All week I’ve seen little bits that add up to big grace.

For example, I had six big projects almost ready for signature.  Then I remembered 2 Kings 19:14 – Then Hezekiah took the letter from the hand of the messengers and read it, and he went up to the house of the LORD and spread it out before the LORD.  Hezekiah prayed… After I did, and collected them back up, it occurred to me I had not gone back through to be sure I’d read everything.   … Boy, Howdy, yeah: a big one.  Who knew?  The Lord.

Last week I was (randomly) taught how to access file storage.  This week I needed it!  Who knew?  The Lord.

Another staff member came to my office and we were scanning documents.  I “just happened” to say, “I’m glad we don’t need that one; I don’t know how to scan 2-sided.”  She showed me.  I ended up needing that function for a rush job that very afternoon.  Who knew?  The…

I had a bit of time one day, so dug out a training manual.  I “just happened” to run across a tip that will save me a lot of time in Phase 2 of a project I did in her absence.  Who knew?  …

I was scheduled to meet two execs in the afternoon; guess who spilled lunchies on herself?  And guess Who knew that would have been more than I could take?  It all landed on the button, not the shirt.

Like I said:  Little bits add up to big grace.

Sure, we can chalk it up to coincidence.  And maybe that’s what it is.  But my Savior knows me, including the areas that bring out my worst (one of which is getting a job only mostly done).  As I’ve stopped the insanity and prayed, He’s given solutions.

He is so AWESOME!!!!!  Jehovah-Jireh, My Provider!!!!!

30 years ago, I “just happened” to run into an old schoolmate and ended up at Bible study. … …  Who knew?

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