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  Paint me a pacifist in a plethora of proud pistols.  One thing I’ll say for them, though, is they’ve all had proper training and meticulously practice gun safety.  In other words, they don’t go off half-cocked. Which is more … Continue reading

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  = – = Are you disrespecting much? Or talking compulsively? Are you shamefully out of sync? Do you joke repulsively? = – = This could mean you’re left unchecked: No one’s told you the score. And instead of failing … Continue reading

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1 J 3 x 0.5

  1 J 3 x 0.5 HE IS PURE! ………………………………………… how great a love the Father has bestowed on us that we would be called children of God the world does not know us because it did not know Him … Continue reading

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My Take on My Take

  Those of us with a few years under our belts have learned a few things—often the hard way. One such lesson is not to trust anyone [except the Lord] to rightly interpret His meaning in His Book: no prophecy … Continue reading

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Ambient Attention

  My job is analytical, as are others in the office.  If we’re pouring over things, and somebody starts talking, it’s not uncommon to miss the gist.  We look up: “Did you say something?”  I also used to observe this … Continue reading

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It’s My Blog and I’ll Cry if I Want To

  In three years of blogging, you can imagine I’ve gotten feedback.  Most of it’s positive, but there have been a few naysayers.  One guy even said…  Well, let’s leave that unsaid.  (Consider the source.) Others have voiced that they … Continue reading

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The Big Picture

  = – = God is altogether perfect, wise, and good. (No: we are not.) We think we’re not that bad—in fact, pretty good. (Not by a long-shot.) = – = What the world needs most is to know about … Continue reading

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