You Wife, You!


“The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain.  She does him good and not evil all the days of her life.”  

Newsflash:  she only “does him good and not evil” with God’s help.

Wives are no different from all other humans: we have vestiges of selfishness, impatience, and irritability.  It is only the believer in Christ with God’s Spirit—who can bear beautiful fruits: love, patience, and self-control, to name a few.

Having just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, my dear husband and I have been contemplating the secret of our success.  Yup, it’s all God.  Left to our own devices, the life of any human is replete with ignorant assumptions, bad habits, defense mechanisms, and ill-conceived notions.  Without the Lord’s help, we would’ve surely thrown in the towel.

We live in a transient society.  Divorce is just one of a wide array of baling going on these days.  To hold a marriage together we must be doubly diligent, as everywhere we turn there is an example of the collapse of camaraderie: schoolmates drift, the workplace is political, and churches are sprinkled liberally with the critical and arrogant. It’s more difficult than ever to “Hang in there, Baby.”

Thirty years of schooling in God’s Word—and wifery—has taught me a few things:

Hurt? Remember who he comes home to every day.  Find healing in Christ.

Angry? Remember the last time you were ridiculous.  Find a way to reconcile.

Disappointed? Remember that cousin on oxygen.  In all things, give thanks.

Stalemated?  Remember unity and use your words (and your inside voice).

Exhausted?  Remember to create a peaceful home.  And stay a little pretty.

Queen?  Remember to be like-minded, and that you’re his helpmate.  Smile!

Bewildered?  Remember the Cross.  Lay your burdens there; He cares for you.

Overwhelmed?  Remember to be like a missionary: Pray, give, and go…  You wife, you!

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