It Is What It Is


“It is what it is.”  People use this jargon instead of stating the obvious (which, by the way, is SO annoying!).  And the idiom carries a kicker: “just deal; ‘nothing can be done about it.”

It’s also a shallow response, indicating a gene pool issue:  Is it what it is?  Or is it what that is?  Is it this?  Or is it what?  I can’t help but think they mean, “Too much talk; hurting my head.”

But secretly I like it; there are so many applicable scenarios.  The dynamic is this: God is amazing; we can rest in that.  When a situation is beyond my control, it’s freeing:  It is what it is.  FIDO: Forget It and Drive On.  If the same situation rears its ugly head, we repeat.  The Swahilis say Hakuna Matata (No Worries).  Not being foolish like Simba… but you get my point.  It is what it is.

We have no choice but to leave it at the Lord’s feet.  The Christian changes “it” up a bit.  “It” is indeed what “it” is.  But we know that “it” is under God’s control.  As we consider seemingly insurmountable scenarios, “it” is but a fleeting morsel in the mighty hands—and eternal nature—of the Maker of the Universe.


Family feud; no end in sight.  It is what it is.  At His feet.

Marriage is a test; no one gets 100%.  IWI.  At His feet.

Ridiculed or cast aside; mostly for being different.  IWI. At His feet.

Spotlight was on; result was an epic fail.  IWI.  At His feet.

Someone told a lie about another; people believed it.  IWI. At His feet.

Friend is unwise; choices not too great.  IWI.  At His feet.

Family member misguided; following a cult.  IWI. At His feet.

Job situation volatile; finances too.  IWI.  At His feet.

Health report borderline; questions on the table.  IWI.  At His feet.

It Is What It Is.

At His Feet.


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One Response to It Is What It Is

  1. b. says:

    Great thoughts. So true…I was just thinking this week about how the Lord doesn’t have a plan “B” for us when plan “A” doesn’t work out as WE planned…whatever happens, He allowed it, and He helps us pilgrims to victory along the path, because regardless of what “it” is, He is who HE is…the One with the master plan.

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