The Big Picture


= – =
God is altogether perfect, wise, and good.
(No: we are not.)
We think we’re not that bad—in fact, pretty good.
(Not by a long-shot.)
= – =
What the world needs most is to know about God.
(I am the messenger man.)
Salvation comes from believing, getting off the Self Train.
(I didn’t write that plan.)
= – =
Everyone knows there’s a God, but try to ignore that fact.
(We think it’s more fun.)
He made everything, but we squelch that truth.
(Something everyone has done.)
= – =
Yes, people reject God, thinking this is all there is.
(So He lets us go our way.)
We live for ourselves, just forgetting our Maker.
(There will be hell to pay!)
= – =
We claim to have it together, with all the world offers.
(So God lets us believe the lies.)
Our propensity has spiraled to destructive proportions.
(We love the death that it buys!)
= – =
So that’s the big picture—depraved man, given to sin.
(My little outline is done.)
There may be some reading today, who figured it out:
(It’s from Romans One.)
= – =
But turn the page, for the rest of God’s picture.
(There’s so much more to tell.)
The rest of His Book tells of a Savior for man.
(With my soul, “It is Well!”)
= – =
The impartial Judge is abundant with kindness.
(Though we can’t perfectly obey.)
We must turn from unbelief and repent toward God.
(His Son is the only Way!)
= – =
Jesus is God Himself, who doesn’t deserve punishment.
(But He died for the sins of many.)
We must rely on that One Offering that was made.
(Our own works aren’t worth a penny.)
= – =
Let us quit thinking we have special understanding.
(That’s a sunken boat.)
For more of the truth of your Creator, turn away from yourself.
(Pick up the Book God wrote!)
= – =
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