It’s My Blog and I’ll Cry if I Want To


In three years of blogging, you can imagine I’ve gotten feedback.  Most of it’s positive, but there have been a few naysayers.  One guy even said…  Well, let’s leave that unsaid.  (Consider the source.)

Others have voiced that they prefer the funny blogs.  I suppose I could allay such responses if I were to divide and conquer:  like having four blogs: one for those wanting spiritual depth, one for worldwide wanderings, definitely one for rants! Oh, and another for that guy who’s just looking for a laugh.

Sure, I’ve considered it.  But isn’t that defeating the purpose of a Web Log?  Life has its ups and downs.  And I Log them… on the Web. ‘Not sure why, really: my motives change with my moods.

I like knowing folks are still tuning in.  Some have been reading (even off-and-on) with me since 2010.  [By the way, this makes you my friend; it means a lot.]  But if you’re looking for a guaranteed laugh, you might try Cosby or Colbert.  If you want consistent depth, I recommend you read Ryle.  But if you agree that variety is the spice of life, come to Laura’s Blog: I’m here for ya’.

Everyone has dry spells, and I’m no exception.  However, during these times I continue to post.  You see, back in the days of snail mail, I committed the repulsive sin of painting a positive—which is hypocrisy.

All that said, I want to announce—a friend brought me the Good Word last week: a gentle and gracious reminder of a focus on Christ.  Keeping joy is not that difficult if we have our eyes in the right Place.

Then another friend reminded me of a well-known quote:

Worry looks around

Fear looks back

Faith looks up

Guilt looks down

But I look forward.

I’ll add one here:  Love looks out (for others).  … Like I said:  I’m here for ya’.

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