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I Feel Good!

I feel really good today. Is it okay to say that?  I mean, will it make you think I have felt lousy for each of my other 20,000+ days?  Or will you think I’m gloating, trying to make others feel … Continue reading

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The 50-Yard Line

I may have mentioned my “minor-league” exposure to American football:  high school home games… step-dad watched so much that—by osmosis—I could name every team… Grandma loved it… Suffice it to say, I know as much football as I do Spanish: … Continue reading

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The Furnace

  It’s been hot this summer.  Rightly assessed, an unpleasant temperature is a good soul barometer (pardon the pun): we’re each routinely faced with a decision: Whine? Or shine?  Let the humidity produce hostility or humility?  But he knows the … Continue reading

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“The Disastrous Consequences of Heavy-Handed Leadership”

  “I remember the evening with shameful regret.”  My interest was piqued.  I, myself, have experienced heavy-handed (first-hand), and this blogger is spot on. I hate to abridge a 5-minute read  but that’s how I roll.  Here’s the gist: “…the … Continue reading

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Pictures of Pain

  I’m reading a little book that was published about the time I was born. They just don’t make ‘em like they used to. (…Books, either, hehe.) This Wiersbe piece poses a good question: Why Us? When Bad Things Happen … Continue reading

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“Despicable Me” Too

  At work this week, we watched the unraveling of another one of those files in the Murphy’s Law category.  One person started with the wrong ingredients, I missed the flaw, the next guy made it worse, and I added … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Rickroll

  My daughter Rickrolled me!  Well, sort of.  She made me some car-tune CD’s, and… a couple of songs in…  YESS! If you’re reading this, you might know the Internet meme, Rickrolling: you click on a hyperlink, and BAM! Quite … Continue reading

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